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Submitted on
September 22, 2012


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Commission Tab

Journal Entry: Sat Sep 22, 2012, 12:08 PM
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To satisfy the inquires of those who are curious-commission prices and details follow below.
It may be of urgency to me to have a pocket of clients as my Premium membership thins out, in which case I will take subscriptions as a form of payment.

This journal Entry will be regularly updated as needed.

To get right to it-I am preferably a traditional artist whom is expansive in he field of dragons, my primary strength.
Though, for what material I feel safe about drawing is below. (In order from what is my strongest point) You should get a feel of what I can or cannot draw by browsing my gallery.

WILL DRAW:                                   WILL NOT DRAW
:bulletyellow: Dragons                                         :bulletblack: Anything above PG 13, but blood is okay
:bulletorange: Gryphons                                      :bulletred: Insects (questionable)
:bulletyellow: Canines                                         :bulletblack: Humans
:bulletorange: Avians                                          :bulletred: Extreme Machinery
:bulletyellow: Equines
:bulletorange: Fanart (questionable)                                                         

In regards to what is not on these lists, please do not hesitate to ask about a particular character.
Also- just because my will not draw has insects below, does not mean I won't draw a dragon with insect parts.




Please pay attention to these requirements, or I will not take your order!!

1) I accept Paypal  (USD) only, unless said otherwise.
2) You must note me. Comments will be ignored.
3) I only issue commissions with payment up front.

Please fill out your note with all of these things when I approve of your slot.

:bulletyellow: Email linked to Paypal.
:bulletorange: Type of Commission (below)
:bulletyellow: Character References (Have thumbnails or links ready)
:bulletorange: Personality details
:bulletyellow: Pose Preferences (If any)
:bulletorange: Other Details?

Some things you may want to include:

-Is this a gift to someone else? If so, would you like me to note them?
-Do you expect this by a certain date?
-Etc, etc



:bulletwhite: SKETCH: $15
A refined and shaded pencil sketch. (Limited to a single character, Full body only)

SK: Pureheart by AriiKnave

:bulletyellow: LINEART: $18 (Static Price)
Micron 005+ Sharpie inked and clean finish.

CMP: 05 03 2012 by AriiKnave

:bulletorange: HEADSHOT: $6 (Static Price)
Markered and inked little headshots.

Triple Threat by AriiKnave Firestarters by AriiKnave

:new: :bulletblack: ILLUSTRATION DIGITAL: $30 (Static Price)
A loose full body image done in photoshop-a small background can be inserted free of charge.

The Return by AriiKnaveThe Queen by AriiKnave

:bulletred: ILLUSTRATION TRADITIONAL: $32+ (May change on complexity)
A complete full body image-mixed media. Primarily marker, contains colored pencil and acrylic.
'Throne' and mini-backgrounds included, free of charge. Size can be 9x11.5" or 9x14"

Crystal Throne by AriiKnaveMoon Runner by AriiKnave AT: Arkaios by AriiKnave Ideal Legend by AriiKnave


:note: SHIPPING:

+$3 USD for United States residents.
+$7 USD for international residents.



I do have school and whatnot, and based on my commission list will vary the time greatly.
Commissions are completed in around 5-14 days on average.
Shipping will take an additional 5-14 days based on where it is being shipped to. I will not be held responsible if the mail runs slow in some instances- I will note you when it is shipped. I cannot tell you when it will arrive.


Any questions-please leave in the comments below!! +Thank you!

-A Blyth

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Hey there!
Assuming your commissions are still open, can i query how much it would be for a fullbody traditional drawing of this boy? :')
AriiKnave Jan 3, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, they are C:
I would ask for $35-
his coloration is rather complicated but nethertheless very beautiful.
Hope this helps+ thanks for asking. <3
Evesske Nov 30, 2012  Student General Artist
I'm interested in getting a head shot. Are you open?
AriiKnave Nov 30, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Note me! c:
I was wondering if your slots for cheebs commissions were open? C:
AriiKnave Nov 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes ma'am <3
Yay!!! :D well, I was wondering how much would cost for a dragon design like this one? [link] I am so hopelessly in love with it, seriously. C:
AriiKnave Nov 24, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
note me, and we'll work something out~
Wishing0nTheStars Oct 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Now that I have a job im totally going to commission you when I save up money!!! (I gotta pay all my debts first. lol )
Are you always available for commissions?
AriiKnave Oct 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, unless I say otherwise *v*

Ah-hope you are well with that!
Wish I could get a job, art just serves me for petty things and art supplies ahaha.
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